Day Four: Ennui

Feeling haggard today, though when I described this project to a coworker, she cheerfully told me she would never have guessed I hadn’t looked in a mirror. Still, I stayed strong. Got some strange looks talking to another coworker in the bathroom while carefully tilting my head down and away from the mirror (in which she was looking). I suppose I just looked a little downtrodden. Perhaps I’ll fuel some office gossip.

I’d love to try a non-reversing mirror sometime (otherwise known as “true mirror”). They reveal what you would look like to someone watching from the mirror. Apparently people are often distressed upon seeing these reflections, since they become so accustomed to seeing the irregularities of their face in a certain order that they no longer notice them when looking in a normal mirror. Much the same way our own voices sound totally normal as we’re speaking, but recordings often seem to distort them somehow. Makes me wonder just how different our self-perceptions are from the way others perceive us (though obviously the latter wouldn’t be a monolith, either). I remember reading somewhere once that most men tend to think of themselves as more attractive than others perceive them, while the opposite is true for women (citation needed, I know). Quelle surprise.


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