Days Six and Seven: Ruminations

I told my mom about this project the other day and she shrugged. “I rarely look in the mirror,” she said. “I’d rather not see what I look like. It’s depressing.” I read a post about body image and dressing modestly this morning that made me reflect further on the healthiness not facing one’s own […]

Day Five: Routine

Avoiding my reflection has started to become second nature, though I am starting to miss the familiarity of my own face in the mirror, whether polished or crusted with morning exhaustion. I’ve been thinking about beauty rituals and the positive side of image-consciousness, but that’s a post for another day. Today I want to discuss […]

Day Four: Ennui

Feeling haggard today, though when I described this project to a coworker, she cheerfully told me she would never have guessed I hadn’t looked in a mirror. Still, I stayed strong. Got some strange looks talking to another coworker in the bathroom while carefully tilting my head down and away from the mirror (in which […]

Day Three: School

Today was the first time I left home without another set of eyes to confirm I didn’t have any food on my face. Power-walked to class (I was barely on time) and didn’t get any weird looks, though during a break I did notice that the top three buttons of my shirt had somehow managed […]

Day Two: Work

Success! Home after a day at work without once looking at my reflection. It helps to have Boyfriend around to confirm that I am at least vaguely presentable. Avoiding my reflection in the office washroom actually made me more self-conscious than preening would have — stood at the sink with my head stubbornly bowed (I […]

Day One

The bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen window, elevators, doorways, tiny red dot in my XBox Kinect. I never noticed how many places house reflective surfaces. Sunday at home. My willpower hasn’t really been tested yet.

Living in the First Person

There are currently three fashion sites open in my web browser. Girls sulk artfully on the “hot” page of Lookbook, modern ascetics in thousand-dollar jeans. “So…Let’s Talk About This Climate Change Thing,” Refinery29 suggests coyly amid “Sexy, Spiky, High-Heeled Holidays” and “The Best Toners for Every Skin Type,” while the bloggers at GoFugYourself cackle and […]